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India is the seventh largest country having one of the oldest civilisations in the world going upto 5000 years. The name ‘India’ is derived from the River Indus, the valleys around which were the home of the early settlers. India is a remarkable ‘tourist paradise’ having diverse cultures and tradition, with a strong heritage and history to it. The country has everything to offer, from the 7th wonder of the world – The mesmerising Taj Mahal, World Highest Mountain Range-The Himalayas, Forts and Palaces -like the Amber Palace, Hawa Mahal, Red Fort Delhi, Mysore Palace, lake palace of Udaipur, Agra Fort, Umaid Bhavan Jodhpur  to name a few, created and crafted hundreds of years ago still standing tall. Wild life is at its best in range of national parks like the Gir Sanctuary in Gujarat which houses lions, the king of the forest. Temples at Dwarka and Somnath attract tourist in hordes. We have an extensive coastline 7500 kms and have become one of the world top destinations for beaches, Goa being the famous beach destination.

Experience the best of the subcontinent when you travel to India with TripWhims. Unmatched experiences and unique cultural interactions on our Explore India journey, with plenty of surprise and spoilt for choices when you walk and explore a new territory.

In Delhi the capital of  India, is also called the heart of the nation. You discover the enriched heritage with many magnificent Mughal and imperial sites like Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, Qutab Minar and Jama Masjid. Old Delhi is a walled part of New Delhi, founded by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, known as Shahjahanabad which was later rechristened Old Delhi by the British. It has overcrowded gastronomical lanes and a living, breathing piece of history. Delhi also has the influence of religious diversity which can be seen in the city along with the cultural impacts.

Agra,  is a city on the banks of the Yamuna river,  watch the golden sunlight play on the marble walls of the Taj Mahal an epitome of love. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, besides being the pride of India. Also get to see Emperor Akbar’s abandoned capital of Fatehpur Sikri to discover how once a city could have been which has now turned into ruins. All are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Agra is included in the Golden Triangle tourist circuit along with Delhi and Jaipur. This city stands testimony to a great amount of architectural activity of the Mughals.

Rajasthan, is a popular tourist destination known for its historical forts palaces, art and culture, the main attraction for travellers also being the  vast Thar Desert and one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world, the Aravallis. The Rajput heritage which is apparent in the forts, temples and palaces established by the Rajput Kings are popular places to visit. Explore and immerse yourself in the traditions of another age. The palaces of Jaipur, Lakes of  Udaipur and desert forts of Jodhpur &  Jaisalmer are among the preferred destinations of many tourist .

In the northwest of the country, pay a visit to Amritsar’s holy Golden Temple, which is the preeminent pilgrimage site of Sikhism. Also explore Dharamsala and Mcleodganj, the home of the exiled Dalai Lama; and enjoy the colonial splendour of Shimla, the summer capital of “British India.”

The remote high desert valley of Ladakh extending from the Siachen Glaciers to the Great Himalayas offers picturesque Beauty , unique culture with an  opportunity to meet local craftsmen, visit ancient Buddhist monasteries and marvel at the breathtaking landscapes of stone, ice and snow.

Southern India includes five major states and two island groups .It is a amalgam of exotic flora and fauna, spices, temple bells and miles of ocean and sand. Cruise the backwaters of Kerala, marvel at

the temple city of Tanjore, explore eclectic Kochi, the richness of Mahabalipuram and immerse yourself in the energy of the vibrant cities of Madurai, Chennai and Hyderabad. We have the famous Andam & Nicobar  Islands off the east coast of India and Lakshadweep Islands off the west coast of India having mesmerising white sand beaches.

Do not forget to spend some time in the gateway to Western  India, the cosmopolitan, irrepressible metropolis of Mumbai , India’s financial powerhouse, fashion epicentre , spirited place having a diverse culture also holding the enormous film industry . It holds one of the famous World Heritage Site “The Gateway of India “overlooking the Mumbai Harbour.

Wherever you travel in India, we’ll be right there with you, making sure your journey is authentic and full of memories for life time.

Few Facts About India

  • India is the largest democracy in the world, the 7th largest country in the world, and one of the most ancient civilizations
  • When many cultures were only nomadic forest dwellers over 5000 years ago, Indians established Harappan culture in Sindhu Valley (Indus Valley Civilization)
  • Ayurveda is the earliest school of medicine known to mankind. The Father of Medicine, Charaka, consolidated Ayurveda 2500 years ago.
  • The name ‘India’ is derived from the River Indus, the valleys around which were the home of the early settlers. The Aryan worshippers referred to the river Indus as the Sindhu.
  • Chess was invented in India.
  • Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus are studies, which originated in India.
  • The ‘Place Value System’ and the ‘Decimal System’ were developed in India in 100 B.C.
  • The oldest European church and synagogue in India are in the city of Cochin. They were built in 1503 and 1568 respectively.
  • Varanasi, also known as Banaras, was called “the Ancient City” when Lord Buddha visited it in 500 B.C., and is the oldest, continuously inhabited city in the world today.
  • Yoga has its origins in India and has existed for over 5,000 year

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